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NeuroScience Services

NeuroScience Services

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center is committed to developing the NeuroScience Center at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center. A natural complement to the Texas Heart® Institute at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, the Neurosciences Program takes a comprehensive approach to evaluation, treatment and long-term management of neurological diseases while providing the expertise of leading neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and neurophysiologists.
Neurology and Neurosurgery
The NeuroScience Center physician leadership team, comprised of nationally and internationally renowned specialists, leads a core group of sub-specialists in neurology and neuro-specialist staff. All teams collaborate to bring the greatest and latest in state-of-the-art, high quality, compassionate patient care.

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center houses specialized neuro-specific clinical units, which include a 20-bed Neuro-Intensive Care Unit, a 42- bed Neuro Acute Care Unit and dedicated Neurosurgical operating room suites. All of the Neuro-specific units have RNs that are NIH Stroke Scale certified. Interventional Neuroradiology at the NeuroScience Center has garnered international recognition for cutting-edge technology in the prevention and treatment of neurovascular diseases.

DNV StrokeThe Neurovascular Center, launched in 2005, offers multidisciplinary expertise from renowned interventional neuroradiologists. Neurointensivists, neurologists and neurosurgeons all work collaboratively with the neurointerventional radiologists to offer many treatment options for neurovascular disorders. In addition, they also work closely with internal hospital specialists to utilize diagnostic capabilities. Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center is the first in Houston to utilize CyberKnife® in a clinical setting for treatment of intracranial tumors and continues to offer new hope to patients who have surgically complex tumors.

The NeuroScience Center at Baylor St. Luke's Medical Cetner has created the Stroke Partners Network to collaborate with hospitals throughout Texas to provide 24/7 clinical stroke expertise. The Network provides a consultation service for the treatment of acute stroke patients by utilizing cost-effective and evidence-based protocols that maximize clinical outcomes and improve overall patient care. 

Neurophysiology Services by the NeuroScience Center include young adult, adult and geriatric testing of the brain, spinal and peripheral nervous system. The Neurophysiology laboratory is staffed by neurophysiologists and neurologists certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, with added qualifications in Clinical Neurophysiology and by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine.



We provide diagnostic, preventive and treatment options for disorders and malformations of the vessels within the brain, including stroke, aneurysm, and other neurovascular diseases such as arteriovenous malformation, or AVM.  MORE.
Critical Neurological Illnesses
Our NeuroScience Intensive Care Unit specializes in restoring the health of patients with life-threatening neurological problems, including stroke, brain tumors, head traumas and acute flairs of myasthenia gravis and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.  MORE.
Spinal Disorders
From generalized back pain to herniated disks and complex spinal malformations, our team of doctors offers surgical and non-surgical treatment options with new, minimally invasive techniques and procedures.  MORE.
Brain and Pituitary Tumors
Through modern techniques, our doctors are able to safely and effectively treat brain and pituitary tumors with faster recovery times and often without incisions.  MORE.
Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders
Our Level 4-certified epilepsy program offers a comprehensive approach to epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists and epileptologists.  MORE.
Headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Back & Neck Pain
We provide our patients with relief from all types of headaches, including tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches. We also offer surgical, minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment options to these patients and for patients who suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and ongoing back and neck pain.  MORE.
Peripheral Nerve & Brachial Plexus
Get comprehensive care for peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve entrapment, peripheral nerve tumors and brachial plexus injuries from our team of doctors.  MORE.
Nerve and Muscle Disorders
Nerve and muscle disorders include Myasthenia Gravis and Guillian Barre, learn more about their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.  MORE.
Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders
Our patients with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders receive medical and surgical management of their conditions through a multidisciplinary approach between neurology, neurosurgery and physical/occupational therapy.  MORE.
Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Through the diagnosis and multidisciplinary management of all stages of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, our team of doctors provides comprehensive care and ongoing support for our patients and their caregivers.  MORE.